Releasing Expectations

I really had to live out my word for the year, Release, this spring as I was sick for 6 of the 12 weeks of the term. Many of my goals (such as blogging at least every two weeks) went out the window because I was just trying to get through each day completing only the most crucial tasks. I had to make choices between family and school work, my part-time job and housework. It was a very difficult term on many levels, but as I reflect on it, I did learn quite a few things:

  1. Course work is not the most important thing in my life. My family is.
  2. I still learned many things in my class despite not being able to give my best, healthy me, effort.
  3. Sometimes you just have to get by, and that is okay. Give yourself grace, lower your expectations for yourself in those seasons.
  4. Have more grace for others, they may be going through a rough spell.


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