Change Is An Opportunity

“Change is an opportunity to do something amazing.”

I am fully embracing this statement in my current season of life. Having been home educating my children for the past 15 years and with my youngest graduating next year, I am looking towards the “what next?”.  Acquiring my teacher certification is allowing me to explore many options in the field of education and helping me think about what is the next amazing thing I am going to step out and do. I am reading about innovation, observing as many classrooms as possible, and trying new ideas in my field placement. Working in an arts based charter school has given me a unique look at one way to “do” education a little differently than the usual public school. I have also been involved teaching at a self-directed learning center, which is another very different model of for learning, more in line with the way that we homeschooled our children.

I am excited about the changes in my future that will be driven by what I think the purpose of education is. I believe that education should help students find what sets their soul on fire and give them the tools to pursue those passions. Education should be a hands-on, growth filled experience that is tailored to the uniqueness of each student. Risk should be encouraged and failure applauded as a step to growing in knowledge and wisdom. Another key piece to education is not only learning how to use our gifts and talents to make the world a better place, but gaining the confidence to actually step out and impact our communities for good.

Because our world is changing rapidly, we must embrace innovation. We will fail our students if we continue to do what we have always been doing. I look forward to discovering what my next step is, both for next week and for the years to come.

(Thanks to #IMMOOC and #InnovatorsMindset for spurring this blog post. I am so excited to learn with you all!)


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