The Power of Reflecting in the Open

Reflecting Pool Opal Creek StreamI can experience paralysis by analysis. I spend far too much time going over and over things that I have done or conversations I have had. I tend to overthink and strive for perfection too often. That said, I have found that by reflecting on my blog and in the open has been a positive tool for growth for me.


Writing for an audience does several helpful things for me.


First, it helps me to think in a focused manner. I am analyzing my lesson or what I am learning looking for how to grow in a specific area instead of just worrying about what I didn’t do well or an overall sense of needing to do better.


Second, it helps me to organize my thoughts on paper. In my head, I tend to flit from thought to thought in a random manner. When I sit to write a blog I make notes and think through how best to communicate. This helps my reflection to have meaning, because I am working towards a purposeful goal.


Lastly, when I write a blog I want the tone to be positive and the reader to be encouraged. I don’t always treat myself that nicely in my thoughts. I can get stuck in the negative and discouraging. When I know that I have an audience, it helps shift my thinking to sharing positive thoughts or being encouraging to others.


I also think that having the time set aside every week to write a reflective blog post helps me to spend less time overthinking at other times. I often try to think about what my blog post will be in advance and this helps my thoughts to be growth oriented instead of being random and purposeless.

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