The Power of a Growth Mindset


There were many successes for me this week, not because things went according to plan or came out the way that I wanted them to, but because I was able to see progress and growth.  This is huge for me. I have struggled with perfectionism for far too long. In fact, my husband describes my relationship with perfectionism as “intimate”. Recently, however, I have been retraining my thinking and working on seeing progress instead of failure.

Just a few weeks ago I heard a speaker say that success is in the trying. He talked about celebrating risk every time, even when the outcome is not what we had hoped for. In order to move forward, we must keep trying and being okay with not getting it right. For along time I have encouraged others to take risks and see progress along the way. I know that a growth mindset is important, and yet I wasn’t able to move that from head knowledge to heart knowledge- a deep knowing that changes how I see myself. This week I am finally seeing signs that there is a change taking place and I am celebrating it.

The online learning experience I created and taught this week was too challenging for my class. There was a great deal of confusing and lots of students asking for help. The adults in the room (I had 3!) were great and assisted where they could, and yet only one student completed the task I had given them. Through it all I kept a good attitude, adjusting as I could and encouraging the students. I walked away tired, but not beaten down. I could recognize that both the students and I learned from the experience.

I tried something new and succeeded not because it went smoothly, but because I took a risk and learned something in the process. Now that is progress 🙂

How about you? Are you celebrating the risks that you are taking? proud

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